Lockport IL Business and Commercial Insurance

Boyce Insurance - Commercial

We have a wide variety of business insurance. Whether you are a small business or large business we have a company to cover your risk.

  • Retail-We cover all kind of retail such as grocery stores, card stores, liquor stores, and much more
  • Wholesale-we cover just about anything that could be wholesaled and your employees
  • Manufacture Co- we do large manufacture, medium or small manufacturing
  • Printers- Large and small printers
  • Contractors-carpenters, electricians, plumbers, handyman, painters
  • Service business-beauticians, barbers, grooming shops
  • Condo associations-commercial and residential
  • Apartment insurance- 2flat to multiunits
  • Restaurants- fastfood, fine dining, oriental, pizza
  • Professional Business-attorneys, doctors, dentist, accountants

Give us a call and I am sure we can cover your needs!!!!!